Contravention Information

The process of devolution has seen the delegation of a number of contraventions. The scope of this devolution is to ensure more effective law enforcement. These delegated contraventions range over a wide spectrum and guarantee that life is made easier for the law-abiding citizen.

These contraventions emanate from primary legislation, subsidiary legislation and also bye-laws. The contraventions in question can be classified as:

Contraventions related to motor vehicles and safety on the roads

This group refers to delegated traffic offences in respect of all motor vehicles which are on the road. Offences relate to road licences and insurances, carriageway markings and traffic signs, adequate horns and lights, and dangerous driving. They also include parking and obstruction offences.

Within this group one can also include trenching regulations.

Contraventions aimed towards ensuring sanitation, hygiene and cleanliness

This group refers to litter offences and other offences related to animal faeces.

Contraventions related to the Environment

This group refers to contraventions related to Site Development. In this case, LES Enforcement Officers do not issue a ticket – they issue a report which is then forwarded to MEPA for further investigation.

Contraventions related to Commercial Activities and respective licences

This group refers to contraventions in respect of activities requiring permits from Local Councils such as short-term permits to use bulk machinery, to operate kiosks or stalls and to hold tombolas and other similar games or activities.