Local Enforcement System
Local Enforcement System

Local Tribunals

Local Tribunals are an integral part of the judicial system in Malta. They can be seen as an extension of the Courts of Law set up specifically to pass judgment on offences, which though of a trivial nature, can be of great nuisance to the general public. Local Tribunals are presided by a Commissioner for Justice who is appointed and removed in the same manner as any other member of the judiciary. This guarantees that every citizen is given the chance to contest specific allegations in respect of which he feels aggrieved whilst ensuring that all the fundamental principles of a fair hearing are respected.

Tribunal Name Region Address Tel No Email Address
Centru Centru 7 Triq San Mikiel San Gwann 21374378, tribunal.centru@gov.mt
Ghawdex Ghawdex NGO Centre Triq il-Madonna tar-Rummien Xewkija, Gozo 21550041, tribunal.gozo@gov.mt
Nofsinhar Nofsinhar 395 Triq il-Vittorja Qormi 21499389, tribunal.nofsinhar@gov.mt
Tramuntana Tramuntana 116 Triq Gulju San Pawl il-Bahar 21572770, tribunal.tramuntana@gov.mt
Zejtun Xlokk Gnien San Girgor Triq id-Dahla ta' San Tumas Zejtun 21820028, tribunal.xlokk@gov.mt

Local Councils

Local Councils were established by the Local Councils Act, 1993 (Act XV of 1993). The setting up of Local Councils entails a system of local government whereby the territory of Malta is divided into a number of localities, each locality being administered by the Local Council itself.

The members of the Local Council are elected by the residents of the locality for a three year period. The administrative side is managed by the Executive Secretary, who is assisted by a number of front-office clerks and such other employees as the Local Council may consider necessary for the efficient discharge of its functions.

Check out the Local Council web site by clicking on the link within the Council column if available.

Council Tel No Fax No Address Email Address
ATTARD 21411111 21411414 6 TRIQ IL-KBIRA ATTARD ATD 1021 attard.lc@gov.mt
BALZAN 21442323 21442525 7/9, Triq Dun Spir Sammut BALZAN balzan.lc@gov.mt
BIRGU 21662166 21662266 Auberge de France Hilda Tabone Street BIRGU, BRG 1253 birgu.lc@gov.mt
BIRZEBBUGA 21650165 21650444 DAR BIRZEBBUGA, TRIQ SANTA MARIJA BIRZEBBUGA BBG 1651 birzebbuga.lc@gov.mt
BORMLA 21663030 21672222 ''THE REST''-2A, MISRAH SANTA MARGERITA BORMLA CSP 02 bormla.lc@gov.mt
DINGLI 21456060 21454555 CENTRU TAL-KOMUNITA, DAHLA TAS-SIENJA DINGLI DGL 1880 dingli.lc@gov.mt
FGURA 21664000 21664222 DAR IL-KUNSILL, TRIQ IL-KARMNU FGURA FGR 2104 fgura.lc@gov.mt
FLORIANA 21235523 21237723 15, PJAZZA EMMANUEL S. TONNA FLORIANA FRN 1483 floriana.lc@gov.mt
FONTANA-Gozo 21558877 21562555 Multi-Purpose Room, Civic Centre, Triq ta` Mullejja FONTANA VCT 115 fontana.lc@gov.mt
GHAJNSIELEM-Gozo 21561515 21560909 11, DAR BERNARDINA, PJAZZA TAD-DEHRA GHAJNSIELEM GSM 1200 ghajnsielem.lc@gov.mt
GHARB-Gozo 21560556 21562727 TRIQ IL-VIZITAZZJONI GHARB GRB 1044 gharb.lc@gov.mt
GHARGHUR 21414111 21412626 TRIQ SAN NIKOLA GHARGHUR GHR 1162 gharghur.lc@gov.mt
GHASRI-Gozo 21558686 21558655 6, TRIQ DUN KARM CARUANA GHASRI GSR 1021 ghasri.lc@gov.mt
GHAXAQ 21664888 21665454 15, VJAL IL-LABOUR GHAXAQ ZTN 13 ghaxaq.lc@gov.mt
GUDJA 21672020 21664646 88, TRIQ RAY CARUANA GUDJA GDJ 1010 gudja.lc@gov.mt
GZIRA 21341034 21341616 285-1 RUE D"ARGENS GZIRA GZR 02 gzira.lc@gov.mt
HAMRUN 21222020 21221522 DUKE OF EDINBURGH STREET HAMRUN HMR 2063 hamrun.lc@gov.mt
IKLIN 21416741 21416441 11, ''THREE VILLAGES'', TRIQ IR-RUMANZIERI IKLIN IKL 1320 iklin.lc@gov.mt
ISLA 21662424 21662566 2, TRIQ SAN GUZEPP L-ISLA ISL 1229 isla.lc@gov.mt
KALKARA 21665500 21665566 1/2, BINJA TAS-SALVATUR, TRIQ LUIGI PISANI KALKARA KKR 1330 kalkara.lc@gov.mt
KERCEM-Gozo 21563666 21563888 PJAZZA ORIENTA KERCEM KCM 1360 kercem.lc@gov.mt
KIRKOP 21680099 21683777 31, ST. BENEDICT STREET KIRKOP KKP 1243 kirkop.lc@gov.mt
LIJA 21416111 21416941 27, ROBERT MIFSUD BONNICI STREET LIJA LJA 1403 lija.lc@gov.mt
LUQA 21665533 21665656 71,TRIQ SAN PAWL LUQA LQA 03 luqa.lc@gov.mt
MARSA 21220522 21220606 22 TRIQ BALBI MARSA HMR 14 marsa.lc@gov.mt
MARSASCALA 21637171 21687744 228 TRIQ IS-SALINI M'SCALA MSK 3012 marsaskala.lc@gov.mt
MARSAXLOKK 21652525 21659555 2, VITTORIO CASSAR M'XLOKK MXK 1051 marsaxlokk.lc@gov.mt
MDINA 21450707 21450745 CORTE CAPITANALE, MISRAH IL-KUNSILL MDINA MDN 1050 mdina.lc@gov.mt
MELLIEHA 21521333 21521666 126, TRIQ IL-MITHNA L-GDIDA MELLIEHA MLH 1107 mellieha.lc@gov.mt
MGARR 21520011 21522252 22, TRIQ SIR HARRY LUKE MGARR MGR 1501 mgarr.lc@gov.mt
MOSTA 21416841 21416868 CENTRU CIVIKU, TRIQ IL-KOSTITUZZJONI MOSTA MST 9059 mosta.lc@gov.mt
MQABBA 21680622 21680606 29 TRIQ IL-PAROCCA MQABBA MQB 1512 mqabba.lc@gov.mt
MSIDA 21334343 21342424 PJAZZA MENQA MSIDA MSD 1532 msida.lc@gov.mt
MTARFA 21451145 21451100 TOWN CENTRE, TRIQ IR-REGIMENTI MALTIN MTARFA RBT10 mtarfa.lc@gov.mt
MUNXAR-Gozo 21558755 21558787 TRIQ PROFS GUZE AQUILINA MUNXAR VCT 114 munxar.lc@gov.mt
NADUR-Gozo 21558080 21558055 North Street NADUR NDR 1222 nadur.lc@gov.mt
NAXXAR 21416341 21416363 CENTRU CIVIKU, VJAL IL-21 TA'SETTEMBRU NAXXAR NXR 1018 naxxar.lc@gov.mt
PAOLA 21664066 21663566 CASAL PAOLA, GNIEN SIR PAUL BOFFA, TRIQ IL-KNISJA PAOLA PLA 1075 paola.lc@gov.mt
PEMBROKE 21372111 21372555 TRIQ ALAMEIN PEMBROKE PBK 1776 pembroke.lc@gov.mt
PIETA 21240404 21240606 TRIQ K. MIFSUD PIETA PTA 1550 pieta.lc@gov.mt
QALA-Gozo 21552555 21553232 28, TRIQ SAN GUZEPP QALA GSM 103 qala.lc@gov.mt
QORMI 21440101 21440606 392 TRIQ IR-REBHA QORMI QRM 2507 qormi.lc@gov.mt
QRENDI 21680404 21689986 7, TRIQ IL-KNISJA QRENDI QRD 1103 qrendi.lc@gov.mt
RABAT 21455000 21451945 8, HOSPITAL STREET RABAT RBT 1043 rabat.malta.lc@gov.mt
RABAT-Gozo 21563344 21563355 BANCA GIURATALE, PJAZZA INDIPENDENZA VICTORIA VCT 103 rabat.gozo.lc@gov.mt
SAFI 21689168 21689796 40, DAR IL-KUNSILL, TRIQ L-ISKOLA SAFI SFI 1404 safi.lc@gov.mt
SAN GILJAN 21373111 21373444 TRIQ FORREST ST. JULIANS STJ 08 sangiljan.lc@gov.mt
SAN GWANN 21373777 21373888 55 TRIQ R. CARUANA DINGLI SAN GWANN SGN 1033 sangwann.lc@gov.mt
SAN LAWRENZ-Gozo 21563556 21563656 22A, TRIQ ID-DULURI SAN LAWRENZ GRB 104 sanlawrenz.lc@gov.mt
SAN PAWL IL-BAHAR 21585888 21583058 TRIQ SAN PAWL SAN PAWL IL-BAHAR SPB 3418 sanpawlil-bahar@gov.mt
SANNAT-Gozo 21554747 21563535 TRIQ SANNAT SANNAT VCT 112 sannat.lc@gov.mt
SANTA LUCIJA 21666600 21666622 5/6 BINJA TAL-FAQQANI STA. LUCIA SLC 1050 santalucia.lc@gov.mt
SANTA VENERA 21491030 21491664 UMBERTO CALOSSO, TRIQ SAN GUZEPP STA. VENERA HMR 06 santavenera.lc@gov.mt
SIGGIEWI 21466000 21462946 18 PJAZZA SAN NIKOLA SIGGIEWI SGW 1073 siggiewi.lc@gov.mt
SWIEQI 21373939 21374555 Centru Civiku Triq G. Bessiera SWIEQI SWQ 9020 swieqi.lc@gov.mt
TA` XBIEX 21338844 21338877 14, HIGH RISE APARTMENTS, TRIQ L-IMRADD TA'XBIEX XBX 1150 taxbiex.lc@gov.mt
TARXIEN 21666688 21666777 73, ST MARY STREET TARXIEN TXN 1704 tarxien.lc@gov.mt
VALLETTA 21234141 21234323 31 TRIQ NOFS IN-NHAR VALLETTA VLT 11 valletta.lc@gov.mt
XAGHRA-Gozo 21563737 21556855 VJAL 8 TA' SETTEMBRU XAGHRA XRA 103 xaghra.lc@gov.mt
XEWKIJA-Gozo 21558822 21558866 2, TRIQ TORRI TINGI, XEWKIJA XWK 2231 xewkija.lc@gov.mt
ZABBAR 21664466 21675567 CENTRU CIVIKU, TRIQ IC-CAWSLI ZABBAR ZBR 02 zabbar.lc@gov.mt
ZEBBUG 21468181 21460404 TRIQ I-ISQOF CARUANA ZEBBUG (MALTA) ZBG 05 zebbug.malta.lc@gov.mt
ZEBBUG-Gozo 21563056 21563322 TRIQ IL-KNISJA ZEBBUG ZBB 1200 zebbug.gozo.lc@gov.mt
ZEJTUN 21663866 21663939 28 TRIQ SANT' ANGLU ZEJTUN ZTN 06 zejtun.lc@gov.mt
ZURRIEQ 21689111 21689733 Centru tal-Komunita Joe Cassar, Triq Pietru Pawl Saydon ZURRIEQ ZRQ 05 zurrieq.lc@gov.mt

Regional Commitees

The Regional Committees' responsibilities are determined by the Local Councils Act by virtue of Legal Notice 320 of 2011. They are generally responsible for:

  • to provide for the proper upkeep and maintenance of street lighting in accordance with national and international standards
  • the enforcement of laws delegated to the Committees and the provision of warden services for all localities for which the Committee is responsible, including those functions as are necessary so as to prosecute following enforcement
  • to organise cultural activities that promote the locality in every possible way
  • to protect the natural and urban environment of the locality and take all necessary measures to ensure the more efficient use of energy, good waste management and climate change initiatives
  • to enter into agreements with any public body or government department for the delegation to the Committee of any of the functions of that public body or department: Provided that any such delegation shall only come into effect after the Minister has made the relevant order in the Gazette
  • to perform any other function which shall be delegated to it by the Government through the Minister by means of an order published in the Gazette
  • to provide for all such other works, things, matters and services which are not excluded from a Council's competence by any law for the time being in force nor assigned to any other authority
Region Address Tel No Fax No
Centru 'Mabruka',Triq il-Qasab,San Gwann SGN 1713 21324282 21342424
Ghawdex The Duke Business Centre, Triq l-Għaxra ta’ Ġunju 1887, Rabat, Għawdex, VCT 1017 21561798 21563355
Nofsinhar Uffiċċju Amministrattiv, 395, Triq ir-Rebħa Ħal Qormi QRM 2504 21499389 21499869
Tramuntana 116, Triq Gulju, San Pawl il-Bahar 21572770/2 21572769
Xlokk 97, Triq Santa Marija, TXN1708, Hal - Tarxien 27040492 27040493