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Please note that contraventions may take up to 30 minutes to be shown as paid.

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Tickets issued by local wardens may be paid on the same day that they are issued because these are captured electronically and data is transmitted in “real-time”. However, since police tickets and tickets originating from Transport Malta enforcement officers are still issued manually they require a longer period to be processed. This depends on various factors which are not all within our control. In the worst case scenario these tickets may take up to forty-five days to be entered into the system and thus become available for payment. Tickets issued by Education Welfare officers may only be paid after the Local Tribunal has delivered judgment. Due to the nature of these offences, the person is requested to appear before the Local Tribunal so that the Commissioner for Justice may speak to the person and educate him on the importance that the child in his care attends school regularly.

The 7-day payment period on the back of the police ticket and on the local warden tickets refers to the initiation of tribunal proceedings and therefore you will not incur any further fines or penalties even though this 7-day period has elapsed as long as you pay the ticket before the tribunal date.

Should you encounter any problems in identifying the different ticket types please click Help for a graphical overview of the various ticket types.